About Jambo   coffee

Founded on the principles of bringing fairness and transparency to the coffee value chain, while satisfying customer's demand, JC is also a company with heart and vision.
Our company is run by business entrepreneurs who specializes in the cof­fee industry supply chain.
JC specializes in coffees sourced from Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Guji, Limu, Djimma, Keffa, Nekemt, and Harar - names that epitomise fine Arabica coffee. The passion for fine coffee is coupled with consistent reinvestment, not only in improved infrastructure but also in technology and processes. The diversified types of Arabica cultivation in the country and its highly suitable environment of high altitudes, good rainfall, and rich volcanic soils yield to the uniquely Ethiopian flavours and aromas that are present in JC's elegant range of gourmet, specialty and organic coffee. These coffees are rich in acidity, body, aromatic, and sweet flavoured, with a spicy, flora, or mocha taste.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy focuses on three main pillars: our customers, our farmers, and the environment. It includes Ensuring only the finest, cleanest coffee is selected based on origin, aroma, flavour, and body. Building strong long-term relationships with the farmers, working closely with them at each step. Supporting and engaging all the stakeholders in achieving our rigorous quality standards. Conserving the environment by advising and encouraging the farmers to adopt the best agricultural practices, ensuring a sustainable supply of the highest quality coffee. Contineous professional training and support to our team, recongnizing and appreciating their considerable efforts and commitment.

Important Aspect of our Coffee

  • ORIGIN: Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee.
  • VARIETY: Ethiopia has more than a thousand of diversified coffee types.
  • PLANT CARE: We prioritize the well-being of our coffee plants and harvest them by hand.
  • ALTITUDE: The general rule of thumb: High Altitude = High Quality.
  • PROCESSING: Our processing methods are very unique and carefully executed.
  • TRADITION & CULTURE: Coffee is in our blood. For centuries, we have gathered together over coffee, fostering a rich tradition and culture 



"At Jambo coffee, we are highly conscious of the fact that the quality of our beans is what makes the difference."



"We are committed to providing the finest high-quality coffee beans to our customers worldwide while forging mutually beneficial relationships with the community and the environment that we live in."



To be the leader in innovation and quality among coffee producers and exporters while caring for the environment.