Guji zone coffee comes from southeastern Ethiopia. a full-flavored, strong coffeeThe absolute location of the district is between 5°44'10" -6°12'38" North latitude and 38°45'10" - 39°12'37" East longitude.  Coffee from the Guji zone presents a distinctive terroir that sets it apart from the larger Oromia region. Flavor notes include dark chocolate, floral, and sweetly tart acidity. 

While there is no doubt that the Guji coffee profile is unique and separate from Yirgacheffe and Sidamo profiles, coffees from this region offer a balanced and pleasingly complex cup profile – perfect for both filter and espresso.

 Guji coffee taste like  It’s a citrus fruit flavor bomb with strong notes of lemon, a bright citric acidity, and a good body and mouthfeel.

Guji is another major region that wet processes their beans bringing out notes of tangerine, lychee, and strawberry with strong acidity.

Guji Coffee

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