Region and growing conditions

Harrar coffee beans are one of the oldest still in production. The beans are harvested and processed by hand. Not only is the bean used for coffee, but the shells are also used to make hasher-qahwa, a quintessentially Ethiopian tea.

Harrar is grown at an elevation of 1510 – 2120 meters above sea level in the Oromia region of southern Ethiopia. Unlike Yirgacheffe, which is wet processed, Harrar is dry processed. In dry processing, the coffee fruit is harvested from the trees and then left to dry in the sun. Once the fruit has dried, it is peeled away leaving the exposed coffee bean. The dry process imparts the flavors of the fruit into the bean itself and is a crucial aspect of the overall taste.

Harrar Coffees

Client Name
: Leul Kelemu
: Harrar Coffee
Start Date
: Dec 22, 2010
End Date
: Jul 01, 2021
: Completed